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Marketing Case Studies from the Big Cos


Why include marketing stories from worldwide brands on a website about small business? Because even if you’re the BIGGEST COMPANY IN THE WORLD, your customers are still individual people, and personalization is all the rage these days. They want messages that speak directly to them. And the larger the company, the more they face the danger of seeing people as faceless data points.

Secondly, it can be easier to connect the dots when you read an example from a company that you’re already familiar with. A-ha! moments can be game-changers, and the more of them we can create for you, the better.

Finally, while it’s true that the way large organizations gather their customer data is vastly different from a small business, the stories they create from that data are the same.

7-Eleven Convenience Store 

Sasha Brayer was a typical stay-at-home mom. She had 2 tweens and a toddler and a house that was over 100 years old! She liked to cook for her family and play with her children.

One day, Sasha went to the fridge to get her youngest some cereal, but the milk carton was empty. Her husband had drunk it all with his breakfast that morning and had put the empty carton back in the fridge, that rascal.

Sasha knew she needed to get milk, for both breakfast and dinner, but her day was already totally packed. She had no idea how she’d be able to add in a trip to the grocery store.

Then Sasha remembered — she had seen an ad on her news app announcing a new 7-Eleven, and it was just down the street. She sighed in relief realizing she didn’t need to deal with the parking madness and huge box grocery store just to get some milk. She could just run down the street, grab what she needed, and be back in 5 minutes.

Sasha asked the bigs to watch the little and got back from the convenience store with a gallon of milk before they even had time to protest. Now Sasha realized she had a new kind of freedom. With 7-Eleven so close to her house, she could leave the kids alone and restock on any of the critical household items they might need.

Sasha no longer worries about running out of sponges or milk or whatever other household items might run low. She knows if it’s important, she can get to 7-Eleven, get what she needs, and get on with her day without worrying about car seats or fending off requests for candy.

Pizza Hut

Tamir Rodriguez was a typical, loving abuelo. He liked to have his grandkids over for sleepovers and tell them ghost stories in the living room at night.

One day, his daughter called him and asked if she could bring his grandchildren over, along with a few of their best friends! Her kids had told their friends all about his ghost stories, and they all wanted to come. All told it would be 6 people.

Tamir was excited to be so popular with his grandchildren, but he had a problem — how could he feed all those kids? He didn’t like to cook, and living on Social Security didn’t leave him enough money to do anything fancy.

Then he remembered a coupon he got in the mail earlier that day from Pizza Hut. It said that right now, he could get 2 large pizzas with soda for only $11.99.

So that night he played the Big Bad Wolf, and all the kids were full and happy with their delicious Pizza Hut pizza. They all said it was the scariest and most delicious sleepover they’d ever had!

Now Tamir knows he can handle any size group for his stories, and he tells his grandkids to bring more friends next time! He’ll be the most popular grandpa in the neighborhood before too long, and loving every minute of it.

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A-ha! moments can be game-changers, and the more of them we can create for you, the better.

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