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Hi. My name is Zac, and I pulled myself up by my bootstraps. And with my own initiative and smarts, I started a company from nothing and built it into a multimillion-dollar empi…

No … that won’t do. Let’s start over.

Zac Cramer

Zac Cramer

Entrepreneur & Founder of How To Business

Hi. My name is Zac, and I have achieved predictable things given my background. My parents sent me to good, expensive private schools and showed me, through their own work, how to be a successful worker in corporate environments. My dad was a senior executive at a mid-size corporation where I spent many summers doing the little make-work jobs they invented for me, and also sitting at the executive lunch every day and absorbing lessons from the giants around the table.

What I learned on my journey to becoming a business leader is this:  The knowledge of how to become a manager, an entrepreneur, a leader, is locked away by people who already know how to do it. For those without connections, who never hobnob over a glass of whiskey at a faux speakeasy in a high-priced Los Angeles hotel, the information may as well be written in Klingon and located on Mars.

I think that is deeply unfair. I want a woman from rural West Virginia who dreams of starting her own business to have a place where she can learn how to do it. Not how to decide if she should be an LLC or an S corp — there are plenty of resources for that. Nor how to “dream big” or to “fight hard” or any other true-but-not-helpful business aphorism.

No, here at, you’re going to find the nuts and bolts. I’m going to teach you how to talk to employees. I’m going to explain exactly what a bank is and how it works. We’re going to, together, slowly, tease through and understand what the hell the balance sheet actually means.

And the best part? It’s all free. You won’t find a paywall or a “click here to pay more to learn more.” All I ask is this — if you think what we do is valuable, if it helps you at all, tell someone about this website. This is a labor of love and I don’t have an advertising budget. So if you think this is information more people should have, tell them! Post on Facebook,  Linkedin, Twitter, your local Kiwanis Club corkboard, or wherever!